Andrė AMIYA Pabarčiūtė is the founder of personal growth centre “SoulACTION” and The School of the Sacred Feminine, an emotional intelligence development trainer, and the author of relationship improvement training for couples “Eternal Honeymoon”. For the last 12 years, she has been successfully delivering trainings, lectures, and seminars in Lithuania and abroad. Andrė has authored a best-seller “The Genius of a Woman” and a book “Eternal Honeymoon”. She is also a singer, composer, artist, co-operating with the most prominent Lithuanian and foreign music, dance, and theatre creators. She is the producer of a happy people Project “AMIYA Inspiration”, and the creator of “The Goddess” Project. AMIYA composes soul-touching music that sends an extraordinary message, aimed directly at women, on the talents and genius within them. In California (USA), together with the producer of the world-famous band Enigma, AMIYA Andrė created a music album “The Goddess”, which is rapidly spreading across various countries, touching myriads of women.


Andrė has turned her intense spiritual and personal growth practices of the last 16 years into tangible results and incredible quality both in her professional and personal life. Her authentic example has inspired thousands of people. She has been learning professionally from world’s best personal and spiritual growth specialists, and has actively developed and still continues to do so in the following fields: unveiling feminine potential, emotional and spiritual intelligence development, meditation, European transformative spiritual tradition practices, Tantra, and Dao.


Andrė AMIYA continually gives seminars unveiling human potential and transforming life quality for women and couples.


Watch TV program “Stilius” by Lithuanian National TV (available in Lithuanian), featuring the authors of “Eternal Honeymoon” Andrė Amiya Pabarčiūtė and Rimvydas Židžiūnas. On relationships that cherish love, on eternal honeymoon, on helping each other to realize each other‘s vocation, and much more!


Andrė AMIYA Pabarčiūtė at “Veikli” conference: Evolution of Love in a Couple (available in Lithuanian)

Interview for TV program “Susitikimai” with Andrė AMIYA (available in Lithuanian)

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