Rimvydas Židžiūnas is emotional and spiritual intelligence training professional, author of the books “Creator of Life” (“Gyvenimo kūrėjas”) and “Eternal Honeymoon” (“Amžinas medaus mėnuo”). Twenty-two years ago he was one of the first ones in Lithuania to start to spread personal development ideas, which today have already become highly fashionable. Rimvydas is the founder of personal and spiritual growth training centre “SoulACTION”, as well as the founder and leader of training projects “Social Games” and The School of the Sacred Feminine. For 20 years already, he has been delivering emotional and spiritual intelligence training courses, worldview broadening seminars, and a number of other training sessions. He is the author of exclusive training programmes “Eternal Honeymoon” for couples, and “Creator’s Code” for men. Over 2.000 people come to his lectures every year. Hundreds of people graduate from long-term training programmes each year. All his training participants highlight Rimvydas’ high professional skill and pedagogical experience. Rimvydas is not only a spiritual teacher that has helped thousands of people to discover and realize their potential, find their vocation in life, and build a harmonious life. He is also a practitioner, who has realized all his abilities and knowledge of his 22-year journey of personal evolution in his professional activity and personal as well as spiritual life.


“In 1994, when I met my spiritual Teacher, my journey of personal growth and evolution began, which has been continuing with no interruptions for 22 years. All the training sessions and seminars I deliver are a way to share the wisdom, light, and love that I have experienced and accumulated through intensive practices and thanks to all the Teachers I have met.”