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Worldview broadening seminars by Rimvydas Židžiūnas

Worldview broadening is the evolution of consciousness, its opening up to bigger possibilities and prospects. Our approach towards ourselves and life determines what we are, and what life we experience. Our attitude is the reality, in which we realize our possibilities. It is not eyes that see the world, it is not ears that hear…

Inspiration workshop by Inga Jablonskė

You are invited to a new SoulACTION training programme called Inspiration Workshop. Here, together with the author and the muse of the programme, Inga Jablonskė , you will discover inspiration to create the life of your dreams, step by step you will expand your comfort zone, and become Directors of your Life. The tasks during the sessions…

Musical and educational projects “AMIYA Inspiration”

“AMIYA Inspiration” is an artistic, musical, and educational project inviting the spectators and participants to live music shows, seminars, and social initiatives. The initiator of “AMIYA Inspiration” is Andrė AMIYA Pabarčiūtė – an artist, muse, singer, actress, composer, producer, emotional intelligence trainer, the founder of personal and spiritual growth centres The School of the Sacred Feminine…

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NEW! Andrė Amiya Pabarčiūtė and Rimvydas Židžiūnas “Eternal Honeymoon. Real experience in creating miracles in a couple” Publishing house: “Alma littera”;    Already in bookshops!   Bliss, satisfaction, personal growth, the art of love and ecstasy – you can experience all this in your relationships with your beloved. This book will help couples to clearly…