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Emotional intelligence training courses

All long-term training courses at SoulACTION begin with a course in emotional intelligence development. Exercises carried out during this training course build very important skills of self-regulation and energy management, and allow one to become the master of their emotions, choices, and actions. Emotions affect every situation in life, they determine our relationship quality, daily…

Training for couples “Eternal Honeymoon”

  “Eternal Honeymoon” is a practical training course for couples, transforming the daily routine in a couple’s relationship, the one and only of its kind in Lithuania! Speed up your personal evolution by growing in your relationships. Discover unconditional love, and the gifts of intimate bliss in the life of a couple.   Raise the…

Training for women “The School of the Sacred Feminine”

The School of the Sacred Feminine is a unique school of personal and spiritual growth of a woman, which liberates and helps to know the feminine nature, and unveils the feminine genius and her extraordinary talents and powers!   This is a training course based not on abstract theory or short-lived sense of enthusiasm but…

Training for men “Creator’s Code”

“Creator’s Code” is a set of exclusive training programmes for men, unveiling every man’s potential to be the Creator of his own life. During the training, skills for structuring, and managing one’s self and life situations are developed. Special practices activate inner power, awaken extraordinary internal resources that help realize one’s ideas and lead a…