Worldview broadening seminars by Rimvydas Židžiūnas

Worldview broadening is the evolution of consciousness, its opening up to bigger possibilities and prospects.
Our approach towards ourselves and life determines what we are, and what life we experience. Our attitude is the reality, in which we realize our possibilities. It is not eyes that see the world, it is not ears that hear the world, and it is not senses that sense the world, but it is our consciousness, which perceives and interprets everything that is happening within and around us in a certain way. Our consciousness can narrow and our entire life can become primitive; yet it can also expand, rendering our lives multifaceted, and bringing abundant possibilities into our lives. In reality, no dead-ends exist, they are invented by our perception of life. A broadened worldview helps us to rise to a higher level of the perception of life and ourselves, where we naturally realize that life is a safe place to realize all our wishes.


Worldview broadening is a possibility to become the author of your life circumstances.
Our worldview can narrow, leading us to seeing only the consequences in life, the reasons remaining hidden from our perception. Then, we are as if fighting a nine-headed dragon, with two new heads growing out in the place of one that we cut off. Once we eliminate one consequence, two or three more appear; and, despite our efforts, life remains as it was. Worldview broadening is needed then, which helps to see not only the obvious consequences but also their hidden causes at the same time. Those who are able to see the causes of their life circumstances and distinguish them from the consequences, have infinite possibilities to change and design their life circumstances.


Worldview broadening is enhancing consciousness.
The greater the stress, anxiety, and rush we experience, the narrower is our field of vision of life circumstances. The more we focus and endeavour, the narrower the focus of our consciousness is, i.e. the less we notice what is actually happening around us. A focused person is very active but not spontaneous at all, not creative, and not open to change and new behaviours. He is brilliant at his ordinary job, yet he is completely confused and unconscious in life. Life is an ever changing, never repeating, and elemental sea of circumstances. It is always full of changes, catastrophes, and new opportunities. It is only someone who reacts to challenges in a conscious – meaning, spontaneous, – way does not drown in the sea of life. It is only someone who is conscious that can learn to curb life’s vicissitudes and know how to make use of them for their own sake and the sake of others. Broadening worldview and consciousness helps to do it.


This happens to you during seminars!
Worldview broadening seminars constitute a training of a special structure, based on the methodology of intellectual journey authored by Rimvydas Židžiūnas , which was born out of his 20-year experience in in delivering seminars and long-term training courses.


The worldview broadening process organized during the seminars increases the listeners’ consciousness, naturally expands their ability to hear themselves, and then the answers to all the questions of life do not come from the lips of the speaker but rather from within yourself. Regardless of the topic of the worldview broadening seminars, the effect is always the same: you hear your answers from the lips of your soul, and these are always the most precise ones.


The most important is to come to the seminar with your question or a relevant topic. The training, organized in the principle of worldview broadening, will help you see your life situation from a more profound perspective, and discover your own individual answer, already present within you.



Feedback on worldview broadening seminars by Rimvydas Židžiūnas:


“It brings an easy and clear, inspiring, and interesting, - as if in the most gripping Hollywood film, - look into the most complex and essential questions of life: how TO BE HAPPY, REALIZED, LOVED, and TO LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT. In every lecture I receive REAL, UNIQUE, PERSONAL ANSWERS. It is a priceless experience, when it is all shared by a person who realizes most of his potential in life, leads a life of his dreams, and has been inspiring others to do the same for over 20 years. There are very few of those who can share their own successful experiences rather than the ones they have read about in books. In Rimvydas’ lectures, you have a two-hour opportunity to see your life circumstances from another level of consciousness; it is like a spiritual GPS that helps to really see where you stand, how to avoid dead-ends, and what the nearest path is that would lead me where I’m going to.” Kristina R.


“These seminars are not only extremely useful, as a concentrated presentation of the topic is given, fundamental points are highlighted, practical advice is presented, and profound insights are shared in a very short period of time, but they are also very interesting, as the speaker skilfully engages you into his talk, enchants you from his first words, and keeps attention gripped till the very end. In 2.5 hours, you receive deliberations on the world that open up new possibilities in your life, and you get so energised that you feel like flying the very same moment, and if you have questions on the topic discussed, you can be sure to receive a pointed and unexpected answer!” Eglė V.


“Because the most profound spiritual, psychological, personal, and social matters are discussed in an understandable language, in an easy, cheerful, and playful manner, which touches everyone’s heart.” Živilė V.


“Rimvydas’ seminars are like small performances: it’s fun to listen to and to watch, you leave in a great mood and with useful message for yourself.” Raminta S.


“Rimvydas’ seminars help to take a look at yourself and your life from a different angle, they encourage you to search for answers or ask yourself questions and to move on from stagnation in a positive way, and to look for harmony embracing all the spheres of life. It is really worth hearing!” Sandra K.


“The topic of relationships, the feeling of happiness in life, a job you feel good in, peace with yourself and with surrounding environment are topics I always find interesting, and it is wonderful that in Lithuania there is a speaker who shares his knowledge and actual experience of learning that work in life.” Rasa


“I remember my very first seminar with Rimvydas; I realized that what the speaker was sharing, corresponded to what I had always been looking for: balance in life, realization and perception that a happy life is real. I left inspired because I realized that people actually do live like that, so I could also live like that, and I already do live life that – with each day, I welcome the mornings with more curiosity. Thank you to Rimvydas Židžiūnas!” Miglė V.


“I come to almost all the seminars by Rimvydas Židžiūnas. I see my old problems and life situations in a new light: usually not as problems but as opportunities. Sometimes, they are inspiration and motivation, sometimes they are a necessary shake-up right on time. These are useful lectures.” Giedrė


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