Training for women “The School of the Sacred Feminine”

The School of the Sacred Feminine is a unique school of personal and spiritual growth of a woman, which liberates and helps to know the feminine nature, and unveils the feminine genius and her extraordinary talents and powers!


This is a training course based not on abstract theory or short-lived sense of enthusiasm but rather on real practices and essential knowledge, which, when practiced, turn into breath-taking real-life results. The School of the Sacred Feminine has been successfully operating for over 10 years, helping hundreds of women to get to know their sensual, physical, and spiritual potential. It is not simply the only long-term training course of a particularly high quality for women in Lithuania but it also includes specific programmes of brief training courses. The school training programme comprises the most efficient techniques that bring together authentic ancient spiritual practices of self-revelation and meditation, and the latest psychological knowledge. This is a training course that opens up new meanings and possibilities for self-realization in every woman’s life. These are knowledge and practices that help to know and activate particular resources present in every woman’s nature.



Long-term training course of The School of the Sacred Feminine


At The School of the Sacred Feminine, the long-term training course takes 3.5 years. Such an intensive and rich programme provides women with priceless experience, knowledge, discoveries, and actual skills, which open up endless possibilities in life. Here, you can find a meticulously created atmosphere of individual and group growth, sincere focus on every participant, and adapting the most effective training programmes to specific women on the course. It is not only a training course but also a sanctuary of female friendship. Certainly, attending all the three years of training is not obligatory. Already after one or two years at The School of the Sacred Feminine, incredible and rich horizons of knowing and realizing yourself as a woman will open up to you.


The School of the Sacred Feminine begins with an emotional intelligence (EQ) training course, which provides basic skills of empathy, emotion control, and active self-regulation, necessary for further training. The EQ training course is designed both for women and men. In the last 20 years, almost 1.000 participants have completed our EQ training course. They give account of positive changes in life, in-depth self-knowledge, expectations exceeding the possibilities of applying the new skills in one’s activities and personal life.


The EQ training course is followed by a three-year course of The School of the Sacred Feminine for women, which takes place at the weekends and ends in amazing summer camps and retreats in Lithuania or abroad.


  • First schoolyear– awakening and unveiling the potential of the feminine nature, discovering connection with oneself, and revealing one’s unique talents. Developing intuition and the ability to love. Acquiring special techniques for feminine energy control. 4 ways that develop feminine personality, aimed at realizing and expressing oneself in life. Methodology of youth and charm.
  • Second schoolyear– secrets of erotica, acquiring intimate life techniques, revealing feminine sexuality. Acquiring multiorgasmicity, recovering natural health and youth, the art of enjoying life and oneself.
  • Third schoolyear – combining masculine and feminine nature in a couple and within oneself, finding inner harmony. Friendship of the inner feminine and the inner masculine. Familiarizing with and acquiring the laws of masculine nature. Techniques for healing emotional traumas. Self-sufficiency. Quality of Feminine Goddess.


The training course is led by the founders and leaders of The School of the Sacred Feminine and the training project SoulACTION, book authors, and teachers Andrė AMIYA Pabarčiūtė and Rimvydas Židžiūnas, as well as certified EQ trainers.




Feedback on the long-term training course at The School of the Sacred Feminine


“This wonderful course helps to know and understand the feminine and masculine nature, and it assists me myself to unfold. Spiritual and psychological practices heal and liberate, they crystalize what is real, and help to see what I don’t need and what I still have to learn in life. I have found inner peace and strength. Illusions about yourself and others are shattered. It is scary at first but later it brings joy because I begin to see in which direction I have to move. The teachers not only provide me with information but, most importantly, they teach me to learn on my own. Thus, I become independent and self-reliant.” Renata M.


“The course of The School of the Sacred Feminine has radically changed my view towards a woman and a man. I have realized that I know nothing neither about women, nor about men. A wonderful time came, and a chance occurred to get to know the feminine and masculine nature. Woman is like an infinity, an endless source of energy, and man is like an embodiment of vigilance and light. Only when I accept my feminine nature and open up to the masculine one does plenitude appear, together with surrendering, peace, infinity, and joy of life. I could experience and perceive it all in the course of The School of the Sacred Feminine. I feel endless gratitude for a chance to change and be a woman.” Beata K.


“Until the course at The School of the Sacred Feminine, I didn’t know that femininity could be a value, that you could learn it, discover it within yourself, cherish, and unveil it. I have found my true desires, peace, and joy in life. I have changed my job, my place of living, my style of dressing, I have discovered lots of various activities that inspire me. After the course, I am full of energy, power, and inner motivation to create my life in the way that I myself want to live, and share that joy with others. At The School of the Sacred Feminine, every woman will find her own paradise with no jealousy or competition, where you always receive support and help, where you can be yourself, learn, and make friends.  After the course on combining feminine and masculine nature, my relationship with my beloved one changed radically. Psychological knowledge and practices opened a completely new world, where you can be yourself in a relationship, and let the other person to be himself, to rejoice, create and cultivate your relationships together. All that helped me remove lies, pretending, wish to cater for another person, and past sorrows from the relationship, and to build everything anew. I strongly recommend the training course to everyone willing to be happy. Simply happy. Every day.” Živilė V.


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Brief training courses of The School of the Sacred Feminine


The brief training courses of The School of the Sacred Feminine are designed to get in touch with your feminine nature, inner world, to get acquainted with the techniques of feminine realization, to experience and love yourself anew, and to discover extraordinary feminine talents. Here, you will acquire practical skills and knowledge on how to stay in continuous contact with your feminine power.


The brief training courses consist of two parts:

  • Worldview broadening lecture;
  • Meditative energy practices aimed at revealing feminine nature.


The training sessions offer a highly efficient way to achieve maximum experience and a large amount of brand new knowledge in a relatively short period of time. They provoke direct sensual experience, provide psychological and intellectual insights, and develop emotional and spiritual intelligence. The training courses help activate creativity, teach to enjoy the freedom of your body, and introduce the alchemy of feminine realization, joy, love, and feminine power. In these training courses, a great many of new and inspiring experiences take place, which are hard to describe in words as they can only be experienced.



Feedback on the brief training courses of The School of the Sacred Feminine:


“The training course left a deep and clear impression, which I wish all women to experience. I have finally found a way to know the profound feminine energy within myself, and bring it to my own environment, to spread good and joy in people’s hearts.” Laura Č.


“I loved the simple universal techniques, which I will be able to apply when I leave the course. Since my right hemisphere has now been activated, It’s hard to arrange my thoughts. It’s total relaxation. I would definitely wish to continue. The introductory theoretical part was brilliant, it laid foundation for what was to follow.” Dalia V.


“The workshop was brilliant! Lots of food for mind and soul! My attitude towards my body, its feminine powers, and resources has changed (hopefully, for long). Thank you and a word of praise to the hosts, especially to Andrė!!!” Marija S.


“Today, the words “to reveal” and “to find yourself” acquired a new meaning to me. Thank you!” Giedrė G.


“It’s wonderful, magical, very professional, and interesting.” Raminta L.


“It’s a wonderful journey towards your femininity. It would be great to educate femininity from one’s teens. Thank you!” Violeta S.


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