Training for men “Creator’s Code”

“Creator’s Code” is a set of exclusive training programmes for men, unveiling every man’s potential to be the Creator of his own life. During the training, skills for structuring, and managing one’s self and life situations are developed. Special practices activate inner power, awaken extraordinary internal resources that help realize one’s ideas and lead a life we really want.


This emotional intelligence training course is unique in the fact that the worldview broadening part is complemented by Rimvydas Židžiūnas’ practical workshops “Creator’s Code”. The training course contains a collection of the best methodical material, which helps reveal every training participant’s potential to the maximum, and, most importantly, develop practical skills that improve the overall life quality. The uncovered abilities are perfectly applicable in solving career and efficiency tasks, improving the quality of the relationships with close ones, they are also very useful when looking deeper into the universal topics of self-knowledge and spiritual realization. The course is of particular value to those interested in their life possibilities, and looking for new and effective ways to improve their life quality.


Topics of Rimvydas Židžiūnas’ worldview broadening seminars:

  • Creator or consumer?
  • Why, when striving to achieve our goals, we do not always create?
  • Creator is the quality of a male consciousness. What activates it?
  • In what way is the state of creation different from the state of active doing?
  • How is the state of inspired acting achieved?
  • What conditions are needed in order to be happy in your activities?
  • What helps to be happy in relationships and intimate life?
  • How to structure yourself and your choices?
  • How to manage the surrounding life circumstances?
  • How to control your emotional reactions and thoughts?
  • Unveiling inner peace and the source of conscious power within you.
  • How is harmonious relationship with oneself and surrounding reality built?
  • How does a fighter become a creator?
  • The contribution of masculine nature to the overall evolution of humanity.


The main topics of practical exercises:

  • Acquisition of the fourth generation emotional self-regulation methodology.
  • Attention management practices: concentration, de-concentration, and resonance.
  • Intuition development and its application in activities and interaction.
  • Practices of mental, emotional, and physical activity management.
  • Acquisition of the methodology of overcoming internal and external obstacles.
  • Practice of quick mobilisation of one’s inner powers.
  • Creative engagement in activity, relationships, and rest.
  • Revealing one’s unique talents and applying them in every life situation.





“Rimvydas’ training course helps me not only to secure a successful career, relax, and enjoy my personal life but also to find balance between different areas of life. I can confidently state that as a result of this training course, I have 500% more energy than ever before.” Paulius M.


“Rimvydas’ workshops helped me perceive myself as a man, reveal my true desires, understand what I have to do, and take specific actions.” Tadas R.


“You can judge about a man’s power from his mental structure. How complex an internal or external tasks can he solve? What size of obstacles can he overcome?

Some things cannot be taught, yet they can be learned. To my mind, the most efficient way to learn is to take the knowing over from a person who has realized it all in his life. In this case, all the knowledge is not theoretical but absolutely practical. This is exactly what Rimvydas Židžiūnas shares in his lectures.” Jurgis O.


“This training course offers amazing possibilities and efficient tools to improve, and create yourself and your life consciously. The sessions are engaging like a good thriller, at the same time they broaden the attitude towards fundamental areas of life, self-structure, and the links between them all. An ever increasing consciousness and attention management are the main things I learn here.” Martynas B.


“Starving for answers about myself and the world, I found them in Rimvydas’ training for men. What was particularly appealing and suitable to me was his style of lecturing, speaking based only to his personal history and experiences, and his ability to explain complex aspects of life in an especially professional and understandable way.

Developing my intelligence, I began to see myself and my life ever more clearly, and the techniques acquired helped me to change and structure myself, to create my life according to my own truths. It is a great joy!

I strongly recommend “Creator’s Code” training course to all men who are looking for answers to their questions, willing to realize themselves in various spheres of their lives, and are not afraid of change.” Urtis Š.


“To some men it happens sooner, to others – later but still, time does come when a feeling surfaces within you, which does not give you peace, and sometimes things get really bad: your works seize, problems with women appear, and it seems that you live in the wrong way and in the wrong place, life irritates you, some goals are already achieved, and others are not yet defined. A question arises of how to live on. Those willing to help you get over it are indeed numerous. I have attended seminars for men both in Lithuania and abroad, they suggested solving male problems in one way and another, some solutions had come from the East and could not always be applied directly in modern life, others were very complicated and difficult to implement. I came to Rimvydas’ lecture a year ago almost by accident, a woman I knew suggested it and I found the topic relevant. I must admit it was a nice surprise the way the material was introduced and presented; it works very well for me, the effect is the same now as it was the first time. In more than a year, I have learned a lot and I apply it in my daily life – the effect is obvious, and the best and the nicest thing is that those around me notice it. I think everyone knows that if you wish to change your environment, you must change yourself. The entire technique of self-change that Rimvydas conveys is meant exactly for daily consumption here and now, the main thing being that it works. New skills facilitate problem solving a lot. A precise structure helps to clearly absorb the things that are important and cause fundamental change. By the way, clarity and structure are very close and understandable to me as a man; conveying information at several levels to make it understandable to all, helps to take the maximum from the seminars and learning sessions.” Giedrius P.


“Creator’s Code” is a set of practical workshops for men, based on an adequate logics and challenges, on how to become the master of your life and create conditions favourable to you. The good news is that such skills can definitely be developed. This means that you can indeed do what you like, with your eyes shining with satisfaction. When your dreams, thoughts, words, actions, and inner state point to the same direction. With such an internal attitude, wide possibilities open up to build your social environment in a new and unique way, as well as your desired personal life, and common space with your beloved. I am on the path of new self-creation. I wish good luck to all going down the same path.” Gintaras G.


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