Training for couples “Eternal Honeymoon”


“Eternal Honeymoon” is a practical training course for couples, transforming the daily routine in a couple’s relationship, the one and only of its kind in Lithuania! Speed up your personal evolution by growing in your relationships. Discover unconditional love, and the gifts of intimate bliss in the life of a couple.


Raise the couple’s relationships to a level of perception and experience of a new quality!
In modern times, it is obvious to everyone that we should constantly improve in our professional lives; however, only a few think about the fact that wonderful long-term relationships have to be created, and do not appear miraculously and continue to unfold on their own. We are all aware that at the beginning of a relationship, the feeling of love, and passion grow without our effort, you don’t have to do or know anything, while the connection and attraction increase as if automatically. However, we are all wrong in thinking that it is going to continue like this for the rest of our lives. In a while, we start to notice the decrease in passion and our interest in our beloved. Sad as it may be, it is common to see myriads of couples living in their dull routine, deprived of the joy of being in love. We take it as a normal sequence of relationship evolution. However, indifference towards each other, cooled out emotions, increasing lies, and lack of attraction are not normal. Basking in love blazing ever more brightly, as well as devotion to each other, and enjoying exclusive intimate pleasures is what an evolving relationship in a couple should look like. The longer a couple lives together, the sweeter should be the fruit of love, friendship, and intimacy between the beloved ones.


To build a perfect relationship, skills and specific knowledge are needed.
In order for a couple’s relationship to acquire a new quality, additional knowledge on female and male psychology is needed. The couple needs actual skills of hearing each other, nurturing the feeling of love and closeness, and awareness of the differences and inter-complementarity of their natures. It is important to know what brings out the woman in her personal and intimate life, and what brings out the man. It is important to realize what helps solve conflicts and feel natural joy in being together. If you are a couple who wishes to be together harmoniously and for a long time, if you believe that love and attraction should not fade but rather always bring joy to the couple, this is the training course for you. The course is suitable to all couples, including those who have just met, as well as those who have been together for years.


Main topics of the training course for couples:

  • Causes of a harmonious life in a couple.
  • How to maintain and nurture the feeling of love and closeness?
  • What does cause and maintain passion?
  • Romance: how does is appear and where does it go?
  • Ecology of a couple’s relationship.
  • Causes of conflict, and how to solve them?
  • What renders a man and a woman happy in a relationship?
  • Main mistakes do couples make, and how to correct them?
  • Methodology of harmonious interaction within a couple.
  • When do the feminine and masculine natures co-operate, and when do they wrestle?
  • Casual vs sacral approach to relationships, and to the feminine and masculine nature.
  • What do you need to know and be able to do for the relationships and intimacy to bring satisfaction to both?
  • What does a woman secretly hope and look for in her intimate intercourse with a man?
  • What will the woman never tell but the man must know?
  • Main mistakes of men and women, which destroy intimate life.
  • How is spiritual pleasure born in intimate life?
  • Stages and crises in relationship evolution.
  • How does relationship consumption vs creation happen?
  • Philosophy and outlook of harmonious and constantly evolving relationship.
  • How is a conscious and aware love born?
  • How can a couple live without conflict or exploiting each other?
  • Practices of creating happy relationships and how do they differ from the usual self-development practices?
  • Intensive personal evolution through growth in relationship.
  • Fundamental practices of the art of being happy together.


It is the only training programme for couples in Lithuania of such efficiency, as it lasts for a year!
With the help of professionals, in a year, a couple actually integrates the acquired knowledge, practices, and experiences, they rediscover each other, as well as possibilities to be happy together in a completely new way. Most amazingly, it is not merely a short-lived experience. It is an actual change, and an establishment of the couple’s relationship of a new quality!



The “Eternal Honeymoon” course consists of two parts:

  1. Emotional intelligence (EQ) training course for couples (duration – 2.5 months) and an EQ summer camp for couples (4 days).
    This course will help you learn to recognize and control your emotions, and replace negative experiences with positive ones. You will discover and master as many as 16 different inner states, which will open new possibilities to be together and bask in the variety of life. You will practically train an ability to generate an abundance of energy that you need in order to solve any task in life. You will develop the essential skill needed for building a perfect relationship and leading a happy life together, which is, namely, empathy. You will explore ways of creating balance of feminine and masculine nature in a couple. You will find out the following: the main causes for bad relationship, ways of building openness and trust, acceptance and support towards each other, and ways to help your partner to open up and grow. You will learn to create the atmosphere of harmony at home and in your relationships. You will discover the joy of communication and growing together. And much more! Read more on the programme in Emotional intelligence training courses

  2. “Eternal Honeymoon” (9-month weekend training course) and summer training camp (4 days). 
    The course is purely practical. On the training course, the couples will engage in a great number of energy, psychological, meditative, and physical practices. The exercises will be done in a couple, individually, and as homework at home. The most recent psychotherapeutic practices will help deepen communication and mutual understanding in the couple. As a result, you will rediscover your partner and yourself anew, and you will see simple ways to be happy together. You will learn special energy exercises, which will help you notice the differences of the masculine and feminine nature and their beautiful ability to complement each other and live harmoniously. You will learn to enjoy extraordinary pleasures when being with your beloved. You will discover love that brings deepest satisfaction to a couple, and gives rise to respect and gratitude to one’s beloved. Meditative practices will give a possibility to dive deeper into each other, and experience an incredible feeling of coalescence and closeness; the practices provide the relationships with the dimension of coming closer spiritually, which is very important in building long-lasting and meaningful relationship in a couple. Special sensory practices will help you open a new world of bliss for the couple in their intimate life. During all the practices, you will be able to enhance your interconnection as a couple, to experience each other in a new way, and to know and learn practices that will help grow and unfold harmony in the relationship, and joy of being together further.


“Eternal Honeymoon” is a particularly effective and rich three-stage training course, taken in a set order. It is possible to learn the first step only (EQ course for couples) and acquire a magnificent new quality in the couple’s life, or to continue by improving at the second and third stages. Taking the second or third stage without the first one is impossible.


Each part in the course contributes to developing unique skills that become the basis for the following training stage. Couples that complete all three stages of the “Eternal Honeymoon” training course transpose their relationships into a brand new quality of consciousness, love, satisfaction, and wisdom.



Course trainers:


Andrė AMIYA Pabarčiūtė – the founder of “SoulACTION” training centre, leader, author of personal and spiritual growth training programmes for women, men, and couples The School of the Sacred Feminine and “Eternal Honeymoon”, emotional and spiritual intelligence trainer, author of a bestseller “The School of the Sacred Feminine” and a book “Eternal Honeymoon”, artist, singer, and producer. She has been successfully delivering training sessions for over 11 years.

More information at www.motersmagijosmokykla.lt


Rimvydas Židžiūnas – the founder and leader of “SoulACTION” training centre. Author of training programmes The School of the Sacred Feminine, “Creators’ Code”, and “Eternal Honeymoon”. Author of worldview broadening seminars, attended by thousands of people, the books “Creator of Life” and “Eternal Honeymoon”, and emotional and spiritual intelligence trainer. He has been delivering training sessions for over 20 years.


Darius Slavinskas – emotional intelligence (EQ) trainer. He has completed EQ training course, followed by a one-year course in meditation, and a one-year course in combining masculine and feminine nature at The School of the Sacred Feminine. He has integrated the acquired skills into his own life, creating a dream relationship in a couple, his dream activities, and a harmonious lifestyle. He delivers EQ training course and various practical sessions based on the latter, where he shares his personal experience, skills, and active self-regulation methodology.


Justė Gelgotaitė – emotional intelligence (EQ) trainer. For 10 years, Justė has been actively applying the knowledge she acquired in EQ course and the long-term course at The School of the Sacred Feminine. Justė is a qualified trainer of the methodology of active self-regulation according to differentiated functional states (DFS), and has been delivering EQ training courses since the Spring of 2014. The knowledge applied in her life helps Justė not only to reveal her talents in the musical field but also create relationships filled with harmony and love, as well as a happy and fully-fledged personal life.


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Feedback of “Eternal Honeymoon” course participants:


“We have never experienced anything more pure, holy, and sacred in this life and in relationships. There are no words to express these wonderful couple experiences, yet an endless love, devotion to each other, and the immersion of our common space into infinity are what we feel after the training course.

At the beginning, people, their personalities, and all their histories come together, and later, a realization follows that there is something more, which is the meeting of souls, when two become one. We thank our teachers for sharing.” Saulė and Donatas


“Eternal Honeymoon” is a training course for couples that helps see the relationships, love, and intimacy in a new light, and build the life together in a couple on a new foundation. When each day turns into a fairy-tale, created by two. When a God and a Goddess are born, and do miracles through their individual and joint powers, they make childhood traumas trivial, become children running at the seaside naked, playing, crowing, and creating their feast of life. Thank you to the amazing teachers Andrė and Rimvydas”. Gintaras and Emilija


 “To be open with the other. To be loving and accept love. To create the relationships out of the abundance of joy. To create life as the celebration of two, and intimacy as a never-ending feast. This is the gift that the practices bring. A new you and a new stage in the couple. A new life of two as a paradise born out of love; these are the results of the knowledge received from Andrė and Rimvydas. Opening up to yourself and to each other. A journey full of discoveries, that brings out miracles.”

“In the training for couples I saw the way a God and a Goddess should live, what unconditional love truly is, and how mysterious and magical my body of a Goddess is. I have learned how to create a feast of life, how to feel the taste of life, and discover the universe of pleasures. Now I know what a man should do for his Goddess to blossom.” Inga and Darius


“What I experienced in the training for couples has fundamentally changed my life, and my approach to my second half. A more sacred connection with the feminine nature emerged, as well as respect, love, desire to unveil, protect, hear, and care after. A practical feeling emerged that my beloved woman can be a Goddess. Inspiration came to improve in the area of touching, to be conscious in the process of making love, and meditate in sexual life.” Tomas


“I have always dreamed of ideal relationships, and the phrase “honeymoon” seemed like a miracle that happens once in a lifetime. As a result of this training course, this is how I live. It is an eternal honeymoon that brings continuous joy and creative inspiration to act and enjoy life. I never knew, nor did I believe it was possible to live in such ecstasy. I wish all couples to discover it.” Darius and Justė


“Training for couples is one of the learning programmes in life that everyone should go through. It is a map of conscious, sacred relationships, the essence of knowing. Prior to this training course, I imagined I really knew male-female relationships well. My journey across relationships has only now expanded into a clear vision of how to create a paradise and a daily celebration when being with each other, and how to experience the miracle of being together.” Vaida


“This course has helped me create a dream relationship, and solve the psychological difficulties, overcoming of which does not only help the couple, but it also provides confidence in other spheres of life. We have also learned to maintain romance and the state of being in love in the relationship, in other words, to keep an eternal honeymoon. The course has also complemented our sex life and helped overcome related complexes. It helped us realize that spiritual development can also take place in the couple, as well as the revelation of the infinite potential of one’s own and of the other. However, in my opinion, this is impossible without overcoming psychological, emotional, and sexual traumas and complexes. To feel in love and to feel high every day. To see hundreds of men in the same one man. To experience every day in a new way. This is what the course has given us.” Viktorija ir Aurimas


“In the training for couples, delivered by Rimvydas and Andrė, I have turned my belief in life into reality. I didn’t know what to want from my other half, I was repeating what those around me and my parents did. And it all always brought the same results and created the same situations, the same 5-minute joy, and deep pain. But I believed it was not things or social environment that should bring joy, colours, and taste of life. As I believed it, life brought me to a woman who attracted me with something I couldn’t define. I didn’t know it at the time but she was my teacher, with whom I found myself in the training for trainers. It lasted 9 months but we lived 9 years! We overcame invisible barriers and walls, liberated ourselves from the chains of habit. We started to grow the tree of our lives and taste the honey from its hollow, brought by the bees of love.” Antanas