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NEW! Andrė Amiya Pabarčiūtė and Rimvydas Židžiūnas “Eternal Honeymoon. Real experience in creating miracles in a couple”

Publishing house: “Alma littera”; 


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Bliss, satisfaction, personal growth, the art of love and ecstasy – you can experience all this in your relationships with your beloved. This book will help couples to clearly perceive fundamental causes of physical, emotional, and spiritual satisfaction in relationships for men and women. Knowledge on the true needs and talents of a man and a woman, the authors’ actual experience, extraordinary practices, and eye-opening laws and advice on relationships will serve as a new and firm step in creating happiness in a couple.


“Our mission is to share the purest spiritual discoveries that a couple can experience in a relationship. A man and a woman can create never-ending love; sexual life with absolute physical, emotional, and spiritual satisfaction; and friendship of souls, which gives rise to eternal gratitude and respect towards each other. Relationship can become the most wonderful journey of the knowledge of yourself and the other in life!” Andrė Amiya and Rimvydas say.



Andrė Amiya Pabarčiūtė “The Genius of a Woman”

Publishing house: “Alma littera”, 2014


The book became a best-seller in its first month. It is the book that brings meaning to the personal experience of the author as well as that of other women. Effective methods presented here will help every woman to find the key to self-expression, to unveil her strong sides and talents sleeping within, it will teach self-confidence, help to do away with complexes, develop intuition, master the art of erotica and the subtleties of relationships, and build a harmonious connection with yourself and the environment. It is like the Bible of Femininity, which will help every woman to realize her genius and spiritual potential.



Moters Magijos Užrašai

Andrė Amiya Pabarčiūtė “Notebook of the Sacred Feminine”

Publishing house: “Alma littera”, 2016


It is not only a subtle notebook to jot down your daily matters. It is also a collection of inspiring reminders of your inner powers, unique talents, and possibilities for self-realization on every page. You are the creator of your life. Therefore, your own unexpected insights and remarks, as well as practices and pieces of advice provided in the notebook will help to create joyful and meaningful moments every day.


May this notebook be your daily mascot helping to move forward!



Knyga_Gyvenimo kurejas

Rimvydas Židžiūnas “Creator of Life”

Publishing house: “Obuolys”, 2012


Live according to your true desires!
The book “Creator of Life” brings together theory and practical advice on how to improve and grow in all fields that determine the quality of life. The book does not speak of boring truths that every reader of “success philosophy” books is aware of. It is a practical guide that will help you change your life. Knowing on its own is not enough, the knowledge must be applied!


The texts in the book, based on long-lasting practical experience, will broaden your reasoning, inspire, and force you to change your worldview. They will prepare you for the exercises, which, if you do them, will bring you maximum benefit. It is not a literary experiment but rather a focused effect of the texts, tried and tested in thousands of consultations with clients.


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