Musical and educational projects “AMIYA Inspiration”

“AMIYA Inspiration” is an artistic, musical, and educational project inviting the spectators and participants to live music shows, seminars, and social initiatives. The initiator of “AMIYA Inspiration” is Andrė AMIYA Pabarčiūtė – an artist, muse, singer, actress, composer, producer, emotional intelligence trainer, the founder of personal and spiritual growth centres The School of the Sacred Feminine and “SoulACTION”, and the author of the books “The School of the Sacred Feminine” and “Eternal Honeymoon”.


Through its entire activity, “AMIYA Inspiration” creates, maintains, and encourages the idea of a positive world that reveals the genius of feminine and masculine natures. The music, songs, texts, images, live shows of the Project send a strong spiritual message on human soul, transformative power, potential for growth, love-created miracle, and evolving consciousness.


The goal of “AMIYA Inspiration” is to help develop the essential parts of human life, including harmonious relationships, personal growth, sacred femininity, and successful and creative life, as well as to contribute to creating harmonious society.


Watch the video on the mission of “AMIYA Inspiration”:


Special focus on women
One of the areas of “AMIYA Inspiration” project is cultural, social, psychological, and spiritual help for women. The goal is to help as many women as possible to enjoy a great lot of positive experiences, to get acquainted with the latest psychological information on feminine nature, her possibilities, to inspire, and encourage women’s creativity and social activeness. With the help of art and personal growth training, “AMIYA Inspiration” offers to revive one’s feminine identity, which is the basis for a woman in creating a harmonious environment, nurturing a harmonious inner feeling in herself and those around her.


Watch the video of the title song of “AMIYA Inspiration” album “The Goddess”, featuring a great number of famous Lithuanian women supporting the main idea of the Project:


With this mission, in Spring 2016, the first live “AMIYA Inspiration” show “The Goddess” took place, and a CD of the same title was released. The show took place in Riga (Latvia) and Vilnius, it drew thousands to come and experience the wonderful authentic journey of female transformation. The show was based on a Lithuanian bestseller “The School of the Sacred Feminine” and tantric poetry by Mahasatva Ma Ananda Sarita. Twelve songs written together with the producer of a legendary band Enigma, Jens Gad (USA), expressed different messages of the life and spiritual transformation of a woman.


“It is a woman’s transition from pain, dull daily routine, desperation, exhaustion, and the illusion of limitation, to a happy woman, a creator, a Goddess, who has mastered the arts of eternal love, youth, and the creation of harmony,” – the author of the book, Andrė AMIYA Pabarčiūtė, sais.


The show encourages not only women but also men to cherish, be interested, and develop the manifestations of authentic, harmoniously creating femininity and happiness. Presently, the show travels around the world, inviting spectators in Argentina, China, Romania, and Russia.


Art and training
The entire creation of “AMIYA Inspiration” motivates, brings many positive experiences, and invites to raise important philosophical questions. With the aim to spread positive and inspiring messages, as a response to the tension, conflicts, disappointments, aggression, and selfishness of today, positive music, inspiring texts, and provoking visual solutions are created.


Listen to the “AMIYA Inspiration” message directly from the lips of the author of the Project, Andrė AMIYA Pabarčiūtė:


Next to music, unique personal and spiritual growth training courses are on offer for women, men, and couples. The training courses, derived from the training programmes of The School of the Sacred Feminine, have already helped hundreds of people to see their genius, and awakened their new motivation to lead a more meaningful life: to create beauty, to love, and to realize themselves.


The Project:

  • Music and live performances
  • Visual art
  • Webinars and live seminars
  • Social initiatives
  • Books and tantric poetry


Watch the video recording of “AMIYA Inspiration” concert “The Goddess” that took place on March 9, 2016, in Vilnius:


More on the Project at www.amiyainspiration.com
Become friends with the Project and receive inspiring “AMIYA Inspiration” messages on Facebook www.facebook.com/amiyainspiration/


The team and idea continuity
An outstanding team of professional international artists comes together for the implementation of the mission of “AMIYA Inspiration”. The team members already include:

  • AMIYA ANDRĖ PABARČIŪTĖ (LT) ‒ artist, singer, producer, book author, and the founder of personal growth training centre The School of the Sacred Feminine. More on Andrė as an artist atandre.lt.
  • JENS GAD (USA) ‒ producer, musician, who has worked with the legendary band Enigma for 10 years, as well as with other famous US performers including “The X-Factor”, Beyonce, Nikki Williams, Miley Cyrus, Andru Donalds, and others. More at http://jensgad.com/music/discographies/.
  • EVALDAS ARLAUSKAS (LT) ‒ creator of visual arts.
  • SEQUOIA EMMANUELLE and her team of stylists (USA) – Los Angeles-based photographer.
  • MAHASATVAA MA ANANDA SARITA (UK) – author of lyrics.
  • ANHIDEMA MICHAEL VERMEY (ARM) ‒ composer, pianist, music alchemist.
  • ZANICCA YUAN (SG) ‒ dancer, choreographic muse, poet.
  • MICHAEL DEMSKI (CA) ‒ dancer, actor, model, master of martial arts.
  • YVES GOVAERTS (BE) ‒ aromatherapist, global warming researcher.

And others.


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