Inspiration workshop by Inga Jablonskė

You are invited to a new SoulACTION training programme called Inspiration Workshop. Here, together with the author and the muse of the programme, Inga Jablonskė , you will discover inspiration to create the life of your dreams, step by step you will expand your comfort zone, and become Directors of your Life. The tasks during the sessions allow to bravely experiment and experience that the impossible is possible, and help change daily habits.


“Inspiration Workshop” is a series of sessions for women and men who have active questions and wish to step out of their daily routine. Each session comprises 3-4 hours of inspiration that will help you cross your regular standards and rules in life, and see your infinite possibilities.


Here, you find yourselves as if in a little laboratory, where you experiment in solving relevant real-life issues. An inspiring speaker and muse Inga Jablonskė has designed original tasks for the purpose, which convey real-life situations in a playful way. Through them, you will take a closer look at such values as creation, love, courage, gratitude, spontaneity, peace, and magic of words and thoughts; you will see fears and restrictions to be but an illusion.



Some moments from the workshop:

Įkvėpimo dirbtuvės



Why is it important?
Have you ever experienced that
- there’s no time for things that really matter to you?
- you feel bored and cannot understand what you truly want in life?
- when you think of your wishes and desires, they seem impossible?
- you feel that some things move too slowly, you lack energy and inspiration?


In most cases, all this is merely an oblivion, illusion, or internal barriers that hinder us from creating and being happy. In the Inspiration Workshop, with the help of active listening and inspiration, you will move towards your true desires.




Įkvėpimo mokytoja Inga Jablonskė

“Inspiration Workshop” is not lectures or seminars. I invite people who want real change in their lives. I invite them for an action, and the first step towards it we can take together. All the tasks take the form of a game, so on the one hand, you are having a fun and joyful time, and on the other hand, you’re accumulating a much deeper layer of experience. From here, everyone can take away an answer that is the most relevant specifically to them,” Inga invites, encouraging us to learn to work with our own thoughts and become true masters of our lives.


Why does it work?
In the Inspiration Workshop, the speaker Inga only shares what she has authentically experienced, gone through, and discovered herself when building a successful business, harmonious personal life, and love around her; therefore, you receive personally tried-out knowledge and a tested way to act.


Every task in the Inspiration Workshop reflects an actual real-life situation, yet here there is no risk of error. Therefore, you can easily explore, draw inspiration, be yourselves, creatively reveal your abilities, act in a different way to the one you are used to, and achieve a new drive to build your life. All the changes and learning process happen in an extremely easy, creative, and playful manner.


Benefit for you
- Practical tasks and homework that help change your daily habits.
- Inspiring insights, which allow you to take a fresh look at various situations and encourage you to move on.
- Experiencing that the impossible is possible.



Some moments from the workshop:




Feedback of Inspiration Workshop participants:


“I would like to sincerely THANK YOU for an interesting, cheerful, informative, and well-structured workshop! It engaged and kept my attention a 100 per cent throughout the entire workshop. You can really see that a lot of work, heart, practice, and time has gone into it! Please continue sharing it with others too.” Lina A.


“It is an amazing workshop with an amazing speaker, who infected us with lightness and joy of life. Thank you! You are amazing!” Monika J.


This training course is a true discovery for those who are always in a hurry and never have time for anything. It makes you stop and go through your values, and rearrange your thoughts into the order of balance and positivity. The entire session is very interactive and engaging. What is more, Inga is a very inspiring and sincere speaker. I highly recommend that you should take the course and be happy!” Ana M.


“I felt incredibly inspired after the workshop! I strongly recommend everyone to attend it and give yourself new experiences!” Greta P.


“I am very happy I had a chance to take part in this inspiration workshop. I love specification, so I was very happy to receive a focused and action-oriented information, which I started to apply immediately! Everything was practically felt, tested, alive, and sincere; the speaker is very charismatic and to me she is a true example of femininity.” Sigita V.



Information for participants


Speaker Inga Jablonskė
Duration: the programme comprises a series of sessions, each lasting 3 hours. You can participate in the entire programme or choose separate topics.
Venue: the workshops are organized in Vilnius, Kaunas, and other Lithuanian towns.



Inspiration workshop “Imperfect and Happy”

Įkvėpimo dirbtuvės „Netobulas ir Laimingas“

Are you flushed with anger, anxiety, lack of confidence, or sadness? We always have an inner resource that can help us shift from tension to relax. For that, you have to admit – I AM IMPERFECT! Recognizing imperfection liberates possibilities and thus opens new doors. Unexpected? Unbelievable? And it WORKS.


On creative time together:

The shortest path to happiness and the shortest one to misery. The law of ONE step that changes EVERYTHING. It is building your life without external MASKS.


Topics discussed in the inspiration workshop “Imperfect and Happy”:

  • How to crystalize your golden truths to YOURSELF?
  • Where does HAPPINESS dwell?
  • Why the greatest happiness is always SIMPLE and BANAL?
  • How to learn to say THANK YOU to yourself and to your daily life?
  • How come you are the magician of your life?
  • What can turn your happiness engine on?
  • How come a baby is much wiser than me and you?
  • Are you pushing the YES button to the world’s fickleness?
  • Why the true gift is always WITHIN?
  • How TODAY is created out of inner abundance?
  • How come JOY is your remedy?
  • And MEANING is your VITAMINS?


Benefit for you:

Practical tasks and homework that enable you to change daily habits. As well as the answer that you will take away: what changes when YOU change?

Upon request of the participants, the inspiration workshop “Imperfect and Happy” has been repeated several times in Vilnius and Kaunas, and organized in London. Read more on “Imperfect and Happy” in our event archive (available in Lithuanian). If you would like to organize a workshop in your city, please contact our training coordinators in writing.


Inspiration workshop “Your Life Legend: Awaken your Inner Genius”

Įkvėpimo dirbtuvės „Tavo gyvenimo Legenda: pažadink vidinį Genijų“

In the inspiration workshop “Your Life Legend: Awaken your Inner Genius”, we set off on a brand new inner journey, exploring our talents, desires, and uniqueness.


In our childhood, we daydream and the world seems full of possibilities, not limits.


Later, as we lead adult lives, we wake up one morning to a realization that everything we dreamed of has been left unrealized and our daily life is more of a dull one than one reflecting our desires of the heart. Perhaps you woke up to such a morning today? Or maybe you have had a feeling of all your dreams slipping away long ago, and you feel it’s now or never? But you’re afraid since you keep asking yourself “Is it really now?”


This story reflects the way thousands of people see the world today. They feel helpless to change anything, afraid of radical change, and at the same time, they’re even more afraid of passing a completely insignificant life, similar to that of a great many of people.


There is an answer that transforms everything. And the answer does not propose devastating changes but rather suggests reshaping your approach towards life and yourself. This workshop is not only about that. Much more, it’s about the genius within us. During the workshop, we will not only discover our genius but also learn to be friends with it, see its uniqueness and possibilities to express itself in the world through creation, which can liberate us and also bring us success. However, the success would be of a different kind, the one that provides a wonderful sense of realization.


Would you like your life to be filled with success, inspiration, and the feeling of flight? Come to the inspiration workshop by Inga Jablonskė “Your Life Legend” and take away the message about your genius, and a new attitude towards your past and the future you create. And much more – you will receive real pieces of advice on how to present your talents to the world and other people.


In the inspiration workshop “Your Life Legend”, each of us will take a daring look at our experience and our past. We will acquire new skills to look at our future from another angle. We will realize that it is an exclusive legend in process of creation, impossible to be copied by anyone. We will discover the essence of our genius and thus we will leave with more belief in our dreams, and strength to realize them.


Benefit for you

  • Time for yourself. You will rediscover your talents, abilities, and uniqueness, and will realize how they can help you create a wonderful and exceptional life.
  • You will receive pieces of advice on how, once you know your strengths and uniqueness, you can tell the world about them, turning external challenges into your inner power.
  • You will find out how to live your legend just as well as any rock star or world leader does it! The trainer Inga Jablonskė will apply her knowledge accumulated during over 16 years of consulting companies and individuals, and work in the field of public relations and image creation.
  • You will try out various techniques of image building, which will later serve you in integrating the new knowledge and insights, and creating a unique life you are happy in.
  • During the workshop, you will submerge into an inspiring creative atmosphere, where you will more easily see your life events, achievements, and possibilities.
  • And even more, Inga Jablonskė masterfully brings together her multiannual experience as a PR consultant, her modern lifestyle, business, and a sincere inner world of a human. Thus, what at first sight seems to be profound and private life-related topics in Inga’s workshop become playful, simple, and solvable. Personal and spiritual growth merges nicely with the lifestyle of a modern person, and helps you develop skills, your true wishes and desires without rejecting the results of your previous life.


In October and November, 2016, the inspiration workshop “Your Life Legend: Awaken your Inner Genius” took place in Vilnius, Kaunas, and London. Read more about “Your Life Legend: Awaken your Inner Genius” in our event archive (available in Lithuanian). If you would like to organize a workshop in your city, please contact our training coordinators in writing.  


Inspiration workshop “Detective of Joy”

Įkvėpimo dirbtuvės „Džiaugsmo detektyvas“
Inspiration workshop “Detective of Joy” is first aid to everyone in search for ways to discover the beauty of every day through small things.


An set of inspiring messages that every participant of the workshop will take away will be a beautiful gift for those in search of inspiration in daily life. Moreover, it will be a creative proposal to celebrate the biggest festivities of the year differently, i.e. joyfully and wholeheartedly, discovering yourself and your dear ones anew.


It is also a revelation that the feeling of celebration lives within each one of us, and we can share it with the world day in, day out; thus opening our hearts up to kindness, sensitivity, gratitude, and support.


“Only when I am open to share, am I open to receive. Once we believe in it, we can let ever more of true joy into our lives every day, and accept the gifts the world sends us every day,” Inga Jablonskė shares her experience.


As Inga puts it, a great breakthrough happened in her life only when she realized that by being afraid to be sensitive, sincere, authentic, compassionate, and supportive, not only is she doing wrong to herself but also to all those she loves. According to her, only when you admit you are weak do you become strong. Only when you admit you are sad can you find the source of joy we all have within us. This is what we look for our entire lives.


How to find the source of joy? How to learn to use it every day? How to stop hiding behind the mask of sadness, and build the life of your dreams? How to be creative, inspired, and warm the hearts of others with your smile?


These are but a few questions the participants of the workshop bring along, and receive the answers to them unexpectedly, in a creative manner, through games, and, as it is always the case at Inga’s workshops, surprising even themselves. It might happen as your wonderful and sincere inner child unexpectedly emerges, who has been waiting impatiently for a moment to experience the beauty of daily life freely, and thus contribute to the feast of life we create.


Will you be a different person once you leave the workshop? Perhaps.
But more importantly, you will have received a priceless experience of the fact that whatever might happen in life, your smile and spontaneity, ability to play and enjoy the moment here and now is what can bring you a celebration in any situation, since it already dwells within you. Unfold it and this year’s festivities will be what you and your dear ones have been waiting for the whole life. Become your own personal Santa Claus, all you need for that is a few experiential tools and a new attitude towards yourself and life. This is precisely what Inga provides in every workshop.


In December, 2016, the inspiration workshop “Detective of Joy” was organized in Vilnius and Kaunas. Read more on “Detective of Joy” in our event archive (available in Lithuanian). If you would like to organize a workshop in your city, please contact our training coordinators in writing.


Inspiration workshop “The Alchemy of Mind. How does the Whole Life Change when Changing the Way you Think?”

Įkvėpimo dirbtuvės „Minčių alchemija“

All of us have moments in life when we give up since we feel we have done everything we could but the result is unsatisfactory or it is different from what we expected. We feel hopeless. Or we constantly find ourselves in situations that evolve into what is much more of a compromise than our victory.


In such moments, we look for an answer to what we could have done differently or better, yet at the same time we realize the solution can only come if we radically change the algorithm we use to find ways out.


Often, the dead- end is not where we look for it. And we do not necessarily have to change our actions or their order of sequence.


Yet, it is obligatory to change your way of thinking and the thoughts that lead to it. This change takes just a little, namely, it takes understanding the source of the thoughts, at the same time acquiring powers to transform them. There is no need for any magic for this, or rather just a little magic; what is much more important is putting a clear and conscious focus on your inner self, which is where all the answers dwell.


In the inspiration workshop “The Alchemy of Mind”, we will not work on a new philosophy of life. Together with the inspiration trainer Inga Jablonskė, we will playfully explore practical thought changing techniques. We will joyfully discover what the main BARRIER preventing us from chasing our dreams in life is, and we will find out how to overcome it more easily than we expect.


Topics and practices:

  • I think, therefore I AM? How thoughts are born.
  • Bookkeeping of thoughts: individual practical task.
  • Word Casino: work in groups.
  • My world sketch: theory and individual work (according to the mind map principle).
  • How to nurture the talent of a mind alchemist within you?
  • Basic thoughts and ways of thinking that change the quality of life.
  • How do my words cherish or destroy another person? Individual practical task.
  • Spontaneous answers and creativity born in silence.
  • The state of transparency: meditation.
  • Consciousness button (homework).


In March, 2017, the inspiration workshop “The Alchemy of Mind” was organized in major towns in Lithuania. Read more on “The Alchemy of Mind” in our event archive (available in Lithuanian).  If you would like to organize a workshop in your city, please contact our training coordinators in writing.


“Every inspiration workshop is a new encounter with you: those who look for internal answers and are ready to use them as a starting point in your lives, by changing, opening up, searching, and discovering. First of all, discovering yourself. This is an incredible gift as well as a responsibility, to create a situation where a desire would be born to hear your heart, your dreams, and to gain strength to turn them into your personal Reality. I am inviting you on this journey together!” inspiration trainer Inga Jablonskė says.