Emotional intelligence training courses

All long-term training courses at SoulACTION begin with a course in emotional intelligence development.
Exercises carried out during this training course build very important skills of self-regulation and energy management, and allow one to become the master of their emotions, choices, and actions. Emotions affect every situation in life, they determine our relationship quality, daily inner feeling, results of our activities, and motivation. They give our reasoning either negative, or positive shade. The ability to enjoy and rejoice over every moment in life also depends on our state of feeling. People with high emotional and spiritual intelligence are able to use the power of their emotions and feelings in the way that they would be happy and helped others to be happy.


30 sessions for practical skill building
In order to control emotions and be able to use them, practical self-regulation skills, rather than theoretical knowledge, matter most. Just as it is impossible to master a new language in a one-day course, so it is impossible to learn to use your emotions in a short period of time. Therefore, the duration of the programme of this course is 30 nights, three times a week, each session lasting 2.5 hours. Long-term practice has proven the efficiency and benefit of the training of such length and intensity. At the end of the course, participants learn a unique way to change their emotional states, and employ it in order to improve their life quality.


Differentiated functional states (DFS) methodology
The course in emotional competency development is based on a unique methodology of differentiated functional states (DFS). The author of the training methodology is Prof. Igoris Kalinauskas. It is a fourth generation active self-regulation methodology. Its specificity lies within the fact that it can be applied without interrupting usual daily activities; its use does not require any extraordinary external conditions, and integrates perfectly into all the spheres of life.


Training exercises and tasks develop active self-regulation skills
The participants of the course learn to control their emotional sphere, reasoning, and behaviour. At the beginning, one learns to change oneself, and only later to look for successful ways to change the environment. This course develops the abilities to actively build one’s life based on their true wishes, desires, and dreams.





First stage of 15 sessions
Each session takes 2.5 hours: half of the time is dedicated to carrying out psychological practices and tasks, and the remaining hour is given to DFS methodology exercises. The entire theoretical material of the first stage is presented in a unique way that helps broaden the stereotypes of one’s reasoning, attitudes towards one’s self and their possibilities, shapes new views on activeness, and helps to see various life situations in a positive light.


Emotions and true motivation

  • How do emotions affect motivation?
  • Discovering your true desires
  • Emotional attitudes and choices
  • Emotion maps
  • Emotions, feelings, and experiences
  • Method: “I live as I truly want to”


Emotions and efficient behaviour

  • Emotional blocks and overcoming them
  • How to neutralize toxic emotions?
  • Opening up and expressing the emotional sphere
  • Self-acceptance and positive self-esteem
  • Method: “Balancing emotions and behaviour”


Emotions and positive thinking

  • Balance of activity of left and right hemisphere
  • Thinking as the engine, emotions as the fuel
  • Emotional blocks and thinking
  • Stereotypes of thinking, and emotions
  • Can positive thinking exist without positive emotions?
  • How to overcome dead-ends of reasoning?
  • How do convictions and attitudes affect emotions and reasoning?
  • Method: “Harmony of heart and reason”


Emotions and creativity in life

  • How is creative potential awakened?
  • Performance or improvisation?
  • Opening up or shutting down?
  • How does spontaneity work in casual life situations?
  • How are talents and natural gifts discovered and unveiled?
  • Emotions and happy life quality
  • Method: “Self-expression, establishment, and realization”


Second stage of 15 sessions
Each session takes 2.5 hours: the entire time is dedicated to practical tasks. The main goal of the training is to learn to control one’s emotional state and experience as many new emotional and sensual discoveries as possible. The training sessions shape practical skills that help recognize, control, and appropriately express one’s emotions. These new skills develop a number of professional and personal competencies:

  • Teaching to recognize and build desired emotional states;
  • Developing the skill for building positive emotional states and easily overcoming negative ones;
  • Teaching to combine the certain type of activity with the appropriate emotional condition;
  • Teaching to plunge with one’s full self into the activity needed;
  • Teaching to hear the emotional condition of your partner in communication, and to adapt to it;
  • Developing intellectual insight and intuition;
  • Encouraging the activity of the right hemisphere. As a result, human potential of creative thinking evolves rapidly, as well as spontaneity and ability to continuously enjoy life;
  • Communication and human interpersonal relationships gain new colours and possibilities;
  • Daily routine disappears, replaced by new impressions and discoveries;

New experiences reveal the person’s resources and possibilities, and also develop his or her spiritual intelligence.





Emotional stability and self-confidence
Well-developed emotional intelligence liberates from slavery to negative emotions, and helps not only to see but also to feel everything in a positive light. The ability to control one’s sensuous reactions builds up self-confidence as well as emotional stability. One learns to create emotional states appropriate for every activity.


Rewarding communication
Empathy (i.e. the ability to feel the other person) developed during the training provides a possibility to find common language with very different people. The relationships improve not only with pleasant people but also with those who raise many negative emotions.


The winner is always the one who carries out an activity using his or her strong sides. The training course teaches to know the strong sides of your personality, and to employ them in life. You are taught to be the winner! To begin your life with “I want to” rather than “it has to be done”. The training teaches to distinguish one’s own wishes from the external “it has to be done”. You are taught to think and act in such a way that would raise your life level to that of your desires, and reduce what is not your desires to seeing it as life possibilities. A person who lives according to “it has to be done”, i.e. realizing others’ wishes, is passive and unhappy, and very susceptible to difficulties in life. A person who realizes their own wishes is always active and energetic, even when in a dead-end situation in life.


Knowledge in practical psychology
During the training, a substantial share of time is dedicated to absorbing knowledge of practical psychology. You are taught to analyse people’s behaviour, see through to their actual intentions, help yourself and others in trouble, and find the real reasons for failure. Quite some time is dedicated to the psychology of human interaction, teaching to solve a number of conflicts in a positive manner. You are taught positive feeling, and positive assessment of surrounding people as well as their behaviour.


Functional capabilities of the body increase
Well-developed emotional intelligence also expands the person’s physical abilities. This is achieved because sportsmen are better at concentrating and mobilizing their powers. Thanks to these abilities, they win the seconds that turn an ordinary sportsman into a champion. During the training, certain inner states are learned that cause strong physical mobilization and expand the functional possibilities of the body. At that time, the body, mind, and feelings are brought together in order to reach victory. This has been well proven by the author of the methodology himself, Igoris Kalinauskas, who trained the Olympic track-and-field team for the world championship. Former record-breaking high-jumper Rudolfas Povarnicinas applies the methodology too.


Right hemisphere and developed imagination
Due to specialized exercises, the training course awakens the activity of the right hemisphere. The power of imagination increases, with the help of which one can travel around their inner world. The person’s creative potential grows. Not only the person’s inner world but also its visible expression are liberated. Many of those who previously had nothing in common with art have started to paint, play music instruments, and dance. The training organizers had opened a gallery “Stiklo karoliukai” in Vilnius, which hosted a continuous exposition of the works of these people for three years!


During the sessions, the training participants enjoy plenty of positive moments and new experiences. Well-developed emotional intelligence enriches daily life with new experiences and discoveries. It starts to seem that in one day the person goes through as much as they would normally experience in two or three days. The daily routine becomes extremely interesting. Many claim that this alone is enough to take the training course.





Amazing training course. It helps people to stop and take a look around. Sometimes we see something we don’t really like but only then does a possibility arise to change ourselves. Techniques to see and change it are presented. The limits of perception broadened and what used to seem impossible in life turned out to be possible. It all depends on you, your wishes, aims, and belief. Possibilities expand. We’ve also discovered that it is not circumstances that are in control but it is us who can control the existing situations (our moods and feelings). We can begin to live the way we truly wish to, and to have what we truly wish to have. Irena


Imagine a MOSKVICH car of the 1980s with its possibilities, and a modern BMW. In 2.5 months, for a funny price, you can turn yourself into such a BMW: the former slow and sluggish you will become dynamic, and set off to roll happily down your life road. Life will have more colours, positivity, and activity to it. What seems difficult will become simple and nice. Tomas


What would I like to say to someone who might be coming to this course? Your life will change indeed! What I myself received here is absolutely priceless, and impossible to express it in words. Think only of the fact that every morning you open your eyes and immediately an idea pops up that another amazing day is ahead of you! Before that, I never understood what it meant to simply BE, to live HERE and NOW, that in order to feel happy you don’t need any objective reasons. I’ve realized that everything is in my hands – nothing is impossible. If I’ve failed at something, it is only a matter of time as I can learn everything! There’re no more restrictions, prejudices, or evaluations, endless possibilities have opened up. I know I am going to continue down this path as perfection has no limits! Kristina


It is an amazing journey with practical adventures included. It inspires, it comforts, it excites, it works, it pays off! It is a path to knowing yourself and others, to quality and feelings. My very best wishes! Marius


If you come to the course, you will receive what you’re looking for, what you’re missing, and much more, what you never knew it existed. Some answers to your life questions will come during the course, others will gradually arrive every day in various ways, even outside of the course. You will become free not only from the environment but also from yourself, since you will discover the new you. And most importantly… you will learn… or rather… you will not learn but you will simply become happy. Giedrė


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