“I love creating harmony in my life and my relationships with people. I can then believe in life and my powers ever more, which continuously unfold in ever new ways.”


Emotional intelligence (EQ) trainer
Ten years ago, Justė completed an emotional intelligence course. In 2014, she obtained trainer qualification in the methodology of active self-regulation according to differentiated functional states (DFS), and has been delivering emotional intelligence courses ever since. Justė has applied all the knowledge and skills she had acquired in these courses and The School of the Sacred Feminine in her career, relationships, and personal life.




Justė is a professional musician, who has dedicated over 25 years of her life to the profession. She performs alongside with the most prominent Lithuanian and foreign orchestras and soloists, she has also made a number of radio recordings and CDs. “I have lived with classical music since I was a child. It always soothed me, gave me strength and inspiration. Many people need it.”

More information on Justė’s musical activity is available at juste.gelgotaite.eu.



Musical project developer

Interacting with composers, directors, and actors, Justė initiates and develops various musical ensembles and their performances, introducing creative acting improvisations in their concerts. The most recent ones include “Paris, City of My Dreams”, “Coco Chanel project”, “Romantic like us” („Romantiški kaip mes“), “Unexpected duet”, and “Mozart’s Women”. These are all the results, in many cases unplanned and spontaneous, of Justė’s co-operation with creative personalities.





“I share with others what I myself life in,” Justė’s credo has allowed her to acquire yet another profession, that of a music pedagogue.

Five years ago, Justė opened her oboe class at Karoliniškės music school. She organizes creative summer camps for her students, and also delivers lectures on the topics of emotional intelligence and music both to children and adults.