“If you wish to be spiritual, you don’t have to distance yourself and shut off from the outside world,” Inga says. “On the contrary, you have to unveil and bravely realize your entire inner potential. This is the only way that you can create a miracle in your own life and that of others. You don’t believe it? Come to the “Inspiration Workshop” and you will uncover your true desires and uniqueness, and you will experience that barriers are merely an illusion that we can creatively overcome together.”


The impossible is possible!

Inga has a wonderful gift to inspire people to easily and playfully overcome their inner barriers and to turn the impossible into possible! She is a living example of how everything can come nicely together: activity at work, love in the family, and harmony within.


Desiring to share her talent, Inga designed a “SoulACTION” training programme “Inspiration Workshop”. Here, Inga embodies her muse and expresses her professional skills in a playful way, creating a situation, in an inspired manner, where the training participants – women and men – are invited to take a step forward towards the realization of their own desires.


Amazingly, everything Inga talks about, she has felt and practically experienced herself, and Inga’s achievements in her activities as well as her happy personal life are proof of its efficiency.



The art of being successful and acting from your heart
Inga has been engaged in business for 16 years. She started her activities as a journalist and a radio hostess, and at the age of 24, she was already leading the Communication Department of an international concert company; at the age of 25, she was awarded for the most successful debut as a university teacher; at 27, she compiled marketing strategies for the biggest real estate development projects, and a year later, despite of the economic crisis the country was in, she successfully launched her own business, a PR and event organization agency.


Inga helps companies introduce new brands into the market, creates effective messages and image in media, and provides consultations on strategic issues of communication. In her activities, Inga feels happy as she is realizing her talents and acting from her heart as she implements ever more complex projects, and inspires others to be active.



Emotional intelligence (EQ) for personal happiness and efficient activity
Inga puts continuous effort to gain better knowledge of the human being, human abilities, and potential. She has been walking down the road of personal and spiritual growth for over 14 years. Inga completed enhanced emotional intelligence development (differentiated functional states, DFS) course, mastered Jose Silva method, graduated from neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) master course, and personal growth course for women – The School of the Sacred Feminine. All that knowledge helps Inga lead an interesting and meaningful life.



Activeness does not prevent you from being a woman
Inga combines her particularly active social life and fully-fledged personal life skilfully. Her heart is a constant place of birth for ever new projects. Despite of her personal business and executive director position in a media channel, she finds time for herself and her beloved ones. Inga is always creating a space of love and inspiration around her. One of her latest gifts to people is her creative contribution to and the publicizing of the social idea of the happy people project “AMIYA Inspiration”.



“Detective of Joy” Project
It is Inga’s most recent initiative, aimed at encouraging conscious generation of joy and cherishing positivity in daily life. With the help of simple everyday examples, and weekly video reports containing pieces of advice and insights on the topic from famous people, Inga invites to follow in the footsteps of joy and join in to discussions on “Detective of Joy” Facebook profile, Youtube, Instagram, or “Media Traffic TV”.