“Search for the state of simplicity and lightness. What you do in a light and inspired manner, certainly unfolds Your talents! Look for ever new ways to actualize yourself, and develop your abilities as it is only continuous improvement that brings the feeling of happiness. Human potential is endless. If you combine your vocation with your activity, you will feel inspired. In your relationships, if you surrender to love, harmony and the sense of realization will become your daily inner state!”


Emotional intelligence (EQ) professional
Inga is an emotional intelligence trainer, as well as assistant and consultant at The School of the Sacred Feminine. She gives lectures and delivers brief seminars for women at The School of the Sacred Feminine in Lithuania and abroad. For 15 years already, she has been actively developing in the fields of personal, social, and spiritual life. The acquired knowledge has helped Inga unfold her talents in her activities, and create a life of abundance and feminine happiness.



Charismatic businesswoman and leader
Inga is an active, organized, and successful owner and manager of several businesses. She is interested in psychology, cultural differences in business between various countries, as well as topics of personnel motivation. Inga began her career when she was still a student, and in 5 years she was already managing a team of 100 people in an international company. Today, her own companies develop innovative software products, and organize international events. The businesswoman gifted with charisma and charm smiles often, since activity is the source of her creative energy.



Social activist
Inga is the coordinator and the heart and soul of a social initiative – a musical experiential project “AMIYA Inspiration”. For over 5 years, she has successfully organized the activities of a free-of-charge women’s get-together club “Femina Manija” in Kaunas. Realizing her hobby, she has given lectures on cultural differences at The University of Denver (USA).