Gita Ramana is a speaker, emotional intelligence trainer, trainer and consultant at The School of the Sacred Feminine, a certified instructor of the fourth generation active self-regulation methodology (differentiated functional states, DFS, authored by Igoris Kalinauskas), Project leader at life-changing training centre “SoulACTION”, and founder of women’s get-together club “Femina Manija”.


“When somebody asks me what I do in life, I always say I’m learning to be happy. And it has been so for over 4 years now, since all the “I have to” and “I must” vanished from my life. I have created my life of the elements that are natural to me, that reveal me, and are linked to my mission and vocation in life. This is what I wish to everyone and You: be yourself, be what you truly are!”


For 12 years already, Gita has been actively interested in personal development and integrating her knowledge in all spheres of her life: activities, personal life, and spiritual growth. Using her knowledge applied in practice, she has been delivering training sessions for 5 years including emotional intelligence development course, training at The School of the Sacred Feminine, and seminars on the topics of intuitive eating, the use of emotional intelligence and the possibilities of its development, realization of desires, efficient reasoning, and living in the state flow. Moreover, for 6 years, she has been providing individual consultations to people willing to effectively apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the courses in specific life situations.


“I have experienced that it is the easiest to learn from people who already live and work the way I would like to learn to live and work; then, the learning takes the shortest and integrating everything into your life is very simple.”


Main sources of knowledge and skills for personal, inner, and professional development:

  • Emotional intelligence course in active self-regulation in 2007,
  • Three-year course at The School of the Sacred Feminine in 2009-2012,
  • DFS methodology course for trainers in 2014,
  • Meditation course for the revelation of spiritual potential by Rimvydas Židžiūnas, from 2009 till present,
  • Assisting in training sessions for women by Andrė AMIYA Pabarčiūtė, from 2008 till present,
  • Various life situations and encountered people, which provide ever new opportunities for growth and being happy.