Emotional intelligence (EQ) trainer

Having completed a course in emotional intelligence development, and, later, a one-year meditation course as well as a one-year course on masculine and feminine nature harmonization at The School of the Sacred Feminine, he has integrated the acquired skills into his own life creating a dream relationship in a couple, his dream activities, and a harmonious lifestyle. He has completed a course for trainers in Moscow (Russia) and now delivers courses in emotional intelligence development as well as various practical sessions based on the course: he thus shares his personal experience, skills, and active self-regulation (differentiated functional states, DFS) methodology that his courses are based on.




Darius Slavinskas has been interested in philosophical, psychological, and relationship-related topics since his young days. He has been delivering various training sessions and seminars since 2005. He began with topics on investment (his latest training cycle for investors took place in 2015), moving on to personal development (“How to be successful and happy”, 2016). He is a co-founder of Investors’ Association, its long-lasting event organizer and moderator. He is the creator and host of a weekly “Aš ir psichologija” (“Me and Psychology”) internet program “Vyro kryptis” (“Masculine Direction”).


Program “Vyro kryptis” with Darius Slavinskas (available in Lithuanian): 



Social achievements
Fifteen years of development in the field of banking: finance and investment specialist, consultant, broker, investor, market developer in Vilnius and Warsaw stock exchange, Head of Capital Market Department at MP Bank, manager of one on the biggest private banking investment portfolios, etc. Currently, he owns a company that organizes classical music concerts and carries out other cultural, educational, and social activities.


“I am a totally happy and realized person, that’s enough for me. I live in the nature, just as I wanted, I only do what I feel inspired to do, I have lots of free time for the nature, myself, my desires, and my beloved. I have built all that by applying the knowledge and skills I acquired in the emotional intelligence course; therefore, I find it extremely interesting to continue developing and to share my experience. With these skills, everyone can create a life of their dreams in a harmonious way. This is my wish to everyone!” Darius Slavinskas